August 4, 2016


We usually share with you restaurants or cafés we spotted and loved, but this time we wanted to talk about the very basis of cuisine, the core of any daring recipes you will taste or try. We discovered a community garden in the heart of Florentin neighbourhood which provides all the food you need for your telavivian diners.

What does "community garden" means? A place free of any rule where anybody can plant, grow, and harvest the plants of the garden. Corn, eggplants, strawberries, avocados, tomatoes, zucchini, olives, mangos, grapes,mulberries, limes, beans, aloe vera, cactuses & all sorts of herbs: this is a short list of the wonders you can find in the garden, and even melouhiyah (Jew’s mallow) for the connoisseurs... Edible flowers are one of the garden's treasures: Eyal Shani's chefs know that better than you and me, coming especially to pick what’s going to give a special touch to their menus. How did this little jungle, lost in the middle of concrete and parking lots become a real garden of Eden? Thanks to Eve, Heela Harel.

Heela Harel knows everything about her garden. Although she doesn't own it, she masters it. She is a passionate person and has a story to tell about each plant that grows in the garden. As a graphic designer for a big israeli TV show, she studied at Shenkar College and brings her artsy mind to this magical place. Graffitis are the most exotic plants, thanks to Foma, Dioz, Minks, Adida Fallen Angel, Zivink, Pesh and Mootale who did an amazing illustrated wall makeover.

For Heela, the main purpose of the garden is not only in growing plants but in making this neighborhood alive, and a place who connects people from different horizons. From the members to the neighbours, from the chefs to the children who make decorated signs for the plants. "It also makes you reconsider your cooking habits and the way you do your grocery shopping", Heela said. She is actually thinking about sharing recipes made from the garden on her Facebook page to show people how much the place actually offers.

We fell in love with the place, a peaceful piece of green in the middle of the non stop city. We had the chance to taste the strawberries, tomatoes, and even tried geranium leaves with delicate scent of rose that taste amazing when prepared as hot or iced herbal tea. Have you ever thought about where the very special twist of your Telavivian dishes could come from? Now you have the answer...To fully enjoy the tasty food, come by any Saturday, get ready to go green and dirt your hands!

HaRabi MiBachrach, 12
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Open all day
Gardening on Saturdays from 3pm