March 18, 2018

Adi Benjo

Adi Benjo is a young promising fashion designer from the Tel Avivian fashion scene. She’s featured as one of the winners of Tel Aviv Fashion Week’s upcoming designers competition, where she is presenting her latest collection.

 Back in 2016, while walking around fashion projects at Shenkar College’s final exhibition, Adi Benjo’s collection Untouched immediately struck our attention and became our heart-stopper of this season. Combining shades of nude with extra vivid RBG-like colors, the cut of her designs is neat, precise. Her materials are refined, very sensory, and inviting to touch. Since we mostly see through screens today, Adi created clothes that reflected a lack of touching and seeing things in today’s generation; this stems from her belief that we are no longer accustomed to the sensation of touch. “We don’t see the reality as it is, and have become accustomed to very saturated colors”.

Adi Benjo
©Guy Nahum Levy

 Adi has always been passionate about fashion, admitting she owes it all to her grandfather who bought her her first sewing machine and taught her how to sew. From then on, she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. Her designs are inspired by Japanese designers like Issey Miyake, as well as Japanese minimalism. Another vital source of inspiration comes from sportswear, and her adoration is visible in each of her pieces. According to the fashion designer, clothes need to be functional but fit in a way that shapes the body well. Fabric selection is of great importance, and she puts in careful thought when she creates each garment. Her favourite design is a fully tailored handmade red coat; the geometric, asymmetrical aspect of the piece and the way it shapes the body makes it an essential item of the collection.

Adi Benjo
©Guy Nahum Levy

Since then, Adi kept on designing capsule collections. In 2017, Non.cha.lant 
focused on monochromatic and assymetric pieces inspired by black and nude high-quality fabrics. This clear-cut and minimal aesthetic is now the centerpiece of Benjo’s style as a designer.

The 2018 collection is inspired by urban chic and timeless forms, enhanced with a range of accessories designed in collaboration with Alice Kroytor ( The colour palette is a combination of basic monochromatic tones juxtaposed against strong colorful pieces. Materials such as sleek high quality neoprene, crepe and nylon are carefully chosen to mimic the packaging concept.